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You have reached Dan Nachbar's Web Site.

Work Website

Dan is the founder and President of Skyacht Aircraft which builds and operates the Personal Blimp.

Family Website

To view our family pages, your computer will ask you for a user name and password.
You can use these:

		User Name:	family
		Password:	********
for the password use the first name (uncapitalized) of our darling daughter.

If you have any trouble making this work, please send email to Dan.

Dan also hosts an annual gathering of experimental balloons. The website for that event is at www.xlta.org

Others Nachbar folk on the net.

There are three very groovy guys who happen to be my brothers :

James Nachbar, a plastic surgeon in Arizona, has his own web site.
Kenneth Nachbar, a management consultant in Kiev. He can be reached via his business web site.
Thomas Nachbar, a law professor at the University of Virginia, he has both family and professional web pages.

Our father, Milton Max Nachbar, died October 6, 2007.

Although we have the same last name, we have no familial relation to the Basketball player.

I know of but have never been to the bar in Louisville, KY.